Some days I’m just fried.

5176B23E-D850-4453-BE28-081A3F3C4BEA.jpegSome days I’m just fried. There’s a few things contributing to it, the first thing being the time change. I went to bed early but still 6 am felt like 5 am this morning. After a long drawn out coffee, I was finally ready to stretch, lift weights & walk the dog.

I worked 1030 to 630pm & I pretty much felt like I wanted to quit today. Some days are just rough, whether it’s hormonal or mental, either way, today I was exhausted. This one place that I work as an RN is somewhere that challenges me to the core. It’s chronic care & it’s very task oriented. The patients are very emotionally draining as there’s a lot of conversation, ongoing relationship & chronic problems.

This workplace IS the perfect place for me to build character. And unfortunately, I’ve had a few mini meltdowns after working a shift in chronic care before. Finally, a few years ago, I got brave enough to decide to work in other places as well. Now I get breaks from chronic care & I think it’s OK that I’m not great at everything.

There are some things in life that I just suit better. Thankfully I have found places I enjoy to work mostly. Whereas there are other places, I can hardly stand. This just makes me human like everybody else. Its ok to be talented in different ways.

So after work, I picked up my fur baby. I picked up my son from volleyball & dropped him off at home. And now I am walking aimlessly with my puppy, by the ocean, recovering from this day by writing & journalizing. Yep, this is very therapeutic to me. Walking & writing. Ahhhhh.

I was so ready to quit but I am determined to do God’s will to love & trust in His strength.  It’s ok to be ‘fried giving my all’.  ‘It’s what I give, after I’ve given my best, that makes all the difference.  So to bed I go, I need REST!  And I believe tomorrow’s going to be a great day!

Thank you God for new Joy in the morning!


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