You are mesmerizing.

FF21CA74-20FA-4614-91DA-A2077D04D39D.jpegI am walking down the road and the first sparkles of sunlight are shining through the trees. It’s sunrise. The morning is my fav time because a new day is dawning, and it’s exciting.

I stop and soak it all in. I take a deep fresh breath and feel my cozy hands in my wool gloves. I feel so great. I have no pain and my greatest concern is which walking path to take today.

I walk towards the ocean and I am memorizing the look of the trees as they sway in the soft morning breeze. From the grass, to the pebbles, to the train tracks and the trails, I love walking. I thank God for another magical day as we reach the ocean and I say out loud, ‘God, you are mesmerizing. Your Creation shouts your name. You are the greatest Artist.’ This is my bliss. Another moment in nature with my Creator.

-Your greatest fan, Sheila-


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