So this is twenty.

144FBCB8-06C1-492B-8A00-B472B6E38681.jpegWhen I was 20, it was just the beginning of adulthood. The teenage years were just on the horizon. Then I was 30, the babies began and it was a whole new adventure in marriage and parenting. As I hit 40, my babies are grown and the teenage years are fast approaching.

I can look back now and see that these current days really are the golden years. I have been well informed from senior citizens that the 40s and 50s are your prime. As the young adult years, with the chaos of babies, toddlers & potty training have long past. We begin to hold on tight to these final years of parenting. This is the glorious stage of witnessing our kids grow talents, dreams, character & friendships. I can already see the years fly by.

I can imagine my kids in their teens and graduating from high school. I will be 50 something soon enough. I can see my kids becoming beautiful adults and growing into married couples and parents. And then I see my 60s & 70s as the years that are a gift to cherish. The beginning of grandbabies and then great grandbabies if I am lucky.

Yes, in my 80s and 90s, I’ll start growing wings and be super prepared to meet my creator. I never knew what 41 would feel like but now I do. Its like I just hit the halfway mark and my eyes are wide open to the reality that life is beautifully short. This is the cycle of life. I can see the end now and I’m going to hold on tight. The time is now to soak up the magical adventure of every day family life.


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