My small world.


5B6928F4-611D-465A-A523-03443358402D.jpegSometimes I feel like my little world is so small. It’s almost rare that I actually divert my life outside of my bubble. Even simple things like walking my dog in a new neighborhood or leaving town or going downtown to browse, are all a big deal.

And it’s not because I’m scared or a hermit but it’s because my life has become very simply busy. I run a tight schedule. I keep it routine.

But I really do want to get out!! Break free of this little bubble. So today, I walked my dog in a neighborhood I’ve never seen before. Wow, did it ever feel liberating just to do something totally different. Call me crazy but we need change!!! It’s like a vacation!! It’s inevitable but I don’t just mean the basic things like aging and new schools but true plans for adventure.  I am not a prisoner to my working mom routines.

That’s my new goal. Do something different every possible chance.


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