Irritated Again?

C80A50B9-BDE1-4A8B-901A-F52C4D1C6C0F.jpegLeaving work five minutes late and I’m irritated. I know why this time. Because my coworker is asking me to do something that will make me late in leaving, when it is something that she could do.
Just for a little background, I am an RN in critical care and every minute counts because every minute can be intense. So being asked to do something by the oncoming shift, to make their life easier but will cause me to leave late, is annoying.

As they finally leave I begin to really think about why I am so easily irritated by something that does not sound like a big deal. This is why. Because truly the fault is my own. I am not brave enough to be assertive with a small thing.

Probably, all I needed to do was communicate that I would have to leave late if I did what I was being asked to do. And then kindly ask if it was OK for the other individual to do it. And even though she was asking me in full knowledge that it could make me late and it was something she did not want to do, she probably would’ve agreed to do it.

So the real issue here is that my desire to be bold, honest & courageous with my communication is not happening. I disrespecting myself and my time so how will I ever be able to stand up for anyone else. It does matter to me that there is clear communication and consideration to all professionals involved in our teamwork.

So from now on, I am choosing to respect my coworkers by being honest and communicating my thoughts so that I don’t feel irritated and abused. Only I can stand up for myself and will have to choose to get uncomfortable to stand up for others. So today I am committing to being gentle and bold in speaking my thoughts. Then at least I won’t be so irritated with myself for being a coward.

Letting go & moving forward in Joy.


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