Dreams coming true.

Sp+APColorRemember when we were kids, eating cereal and riding our bikes everyday.  I think my biggest dreams were going to the fair, going to the waterslides and going to a tropical beach.  I remember I was definately focused on treats and getting to the candy store.  We absolutely didn’t worry about almost anything.  All these years later, I am now the adult, and I see my kids dreaming my old childhood dreams.  I call this the cycle of life.

As an adult, it is exciting to see so many dreams come true.  Finishing high school, finishing university & finding the boy I wanted to marry.  Having children and becoming a mom of 3, is an absolute dream & a true gift.  So today, I am choosing to stop, and really soak up the gratitude I feel for how my life turned out.  My biggest dreams have really come true.  There has been pain & sorrow along the way, and there has been stress, but in reality, it has been all part of the glory.  This is life at 40.  This is my dreams come true.  Everything else is now just a bonus.  Sharing life with my family and my friends and with you, seriously, what a treat!

-Grateful Girl.


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