Ah Ha Moments


I stumbled across this business opportunity at my next-door neighbours.  She invited me to learn how to save money on my taxes as an employee and that is how she introduced me to direct sales.  The goal is to move yourself from being an employee to becoming a sole proprietor for tax purposes.  

I am an RN and have been working for almost 20 years.  When I found direct sales, I was raising three children ages 2, 4, & 6.   I said yes to an opportunity to link arms with other consumers, so that together we could create another income from our joined purchases.  I thought this was brilliant and thus began my journey of teaching people about direct sales and the network marketing business model.  

But what I found, is that not every person was as excited about this opportunity as I was.  Quickly I was experiencing rejection and judgement and ridicule.  How could I really want to do this on top of everything else I was doing.  3 kids, and working as an RN in 3 different places, they said, ‘its way to hard and noone else is going to join you’.   My first road block came 4 months into building my business and I rank advanced to executive.  The only problem is that instead of celebrating this financial gain, I was realizing that the compensation plan was not fair.  My top recruits aka my family and best friends were instantly moved to another leaders direction, and I would have to build a new team.  That was the moment I found my first hole in this compensation plan and I decided to walk away from that direct sales company.  A light had been lit in my heart for becoming an entrepreneur at this time, but I was not sure I would ever find something worthy of my time and energy and ultimately my life legacy.  

When I found my DREAM company, initially I didn’t see the opportunity at all.  I just really wanted their healthy lifestyle products and was motivated to get them at the best price.  I invited a couple friends to join me so that we could all take advantage of their referral program.  What I soon discovered, is that when you love something and it transforms your life, you will want to share it forever.  I started telling everyone I knew about these new products I had found and how they had changed my health.  Before I knew it, I was earning my own products.  I saw myself as a consumer who wanted to earn her purchases, and I was super motivated to do that.  I wanted everything the company had to offer and I fell in love with the community of healthy members.  This was my tribe that I had been searching for all of my working life.  What I once thought was ‘too specific to every become a real business opportunity’, was exactly the focus I wanted in my life and business.  

I will spend the rest of my life working with this company and these products because I LOVE them.  But I am not going to lie, sharing them and earning them and becoming a business leader has been a challenging journey.  A few years went by and quickly I discovered that being a business leader would take specific skills and daily mindset work.  Those that succeed are the ones that face their fears and have the courage and persistence to move forward in their business.  I had a goal to become an Executive in my new company and to replace my RN income so that I could retire from my 3 jobs and come home.  That is my life dream.  To be a happy mom and a contributing wife.  And that finally happened 2.5 years after building my direct sales distribution network.  What a journey it has been!

The biggest ‘AH HA Moment’ after 5 1/2 years in my business is this…..when I am 110% committed to who I am and what I believe, being patient and excepting that this is not for everyone, is crucial.  I have the rest of my life to grow my business and what I have learned is that I am becoming a new person in the process.   A greater leader, coach & trainer and this is the true gift that I am receiving.  I am finally being true to me and following my heart in all areas of my life.

My new business goal is to live a life I believe in and to be 100% myself.  I plan to experience joy in this journey & I believe that true success happens while happily achieving instead of achieving to be happy.   There will always be a new goal and a new dream and when I am living in the moment, being gentle with myself and others, that is true success for me.

I have learned….I have enough. I am enough and it’s not about ‘me’ in my business.  I am here to serve as a leader.  The more people that I help, the more I earn, so my wealth is a true reflection of lives that are being impacted.  Now that is something worth getting up early for.  I cannot lift anyone else up, if I am not strong, supported and successful myself, so everyday I go to work on me.  Thank you for sharing this journey with me. 

Sheila Petersen



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