It’s your legacy.


I share my life with so many different people.   Whether, it’s with my family, friends, colleagues or mentors….I love the diversity and unique personalities that we all have.  There is one thing though, that I notice about adults…..they either grow up to be a greater version of themselves or they get cynical.  And when I say this, I mean, some people seem happier as they age and some just seem plain old irritated and agitated with life.  How can this be?

One thing I have come to realize, is that the real challenge in life to to keep your hopeful joy throughout the later years.  As children, we are so impacted by the environment in which we grow.  And these years can really shape our adult character.  But I notice that at some point we all have to make a decision.  Who do we want to become?  I won’t deny that it has been with great effort to grow up and build character that has led to great joy in my adult years.  Life is tiring and I think some people are just surviving it.  The stresses of adult life with financial responsibilities, child rearing, caregiving for elderly parents and constant aging is a constant challenge for most people.  So when I meet these unique adults who have acquired great joy, peace, patience, self control, and hope for their future, I am so inspired.  Facing everyday challenges and growing happier as individuals is really the greatest treasure.

As for those that are choosing a life that includes swearing, gossiping, cheating, hating, fighting, or devaluing their own love relationships….I will admit I am sad for you.   I have been there, and thankfully knew I didn’t want to stay there.  Anyone else who has suffered anxiety, depression, anger, insecurity, fear, and resentment and said ‘enough’, there is great hope for you too.  I can truly say, I am very thankful for every hard experience that has shaped my character to make me who I am today.  I am strong. I am peaceful. I am loved. I am hopeful. I am valuable. I am forgiven.  I have great purpose. I have a future and a hope.  I will keep being tested and I will fail sometimes.  But one thing I know forsure, I will not give up on love.  I will fight my own battles and celebrate the wins.  Because one day, we will all face the end.  And when I look back on my imperfectly perfect life, I want to have joy and smile.  I will not waste this life and opportunity to pass these tests to become more.  My wish is for you is to stay in the game.  Get the support you need to keep the faith and choose love.  Our lives are refining us to become something beautiful inside.  It’s your choice.  It’s your heart.  It’s your legacy.  Make a decision today.




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